We have been providing LOW COST Spays & Neuters for nearly 40 years!

Texas state law requires ALL PETS to have a current Rabies vaccination.  A certificate of Rabies vaccination (signed by a vet) is required for surgery. If you do not have one, your pet will receive a rabies vaccination on the day of surgery. ($20) 

A current heartworm test is required for all dogs. ($40)

All pets 5 years and older are required to have pre-anesthetic bloodwork to ensure they are medically safe candidates for anesthesia. ($195) 

Ecollars (cone collars) are required at the time surgery is completed!
If you already own one for your pet, and it fits properly, please bring it with you when you drop off for surgery. If you do not have one we are happy to provide one.
($10-20 based on size)

All cats must be in a carrier at drop off. One cat only per carrier. Cats not in carriers will not be accepted for surgery.

Canine Spay (female)
0-30 lbs: $140.00
31-60 lbs: $160.00
61-90 lbs: $180.00
OVER 91 lbs: $210.00

Canine Neuter (male)
0-30 lbs: $130
31-60 lbs: $140.00
61-90 lbs: $150.00
OVER 91 lbs: $170.00

Feline Spay (female): $100.00

Feline Neuter (male): $65.00

Conditions that may result in an upcharge:

Male Cryptorchid: $50 
Umbilical Hernia: $100 
Female In Heat: $50 
Female Pregnant: $50 – $75 

Additional services available on surgery day

CBC/Full Panel: $145.00
IV Catheter: $60.00 (should your pet require life saving measures while under anesthesia, an IV catheter allows faster administration of medication)
Microchip: $40.00
Extract Deciduous (Baby) Teeth (per tooth): $10.00
Nail Trim: $15.00 (with filing +$3)

Space is limited and in very high demand! Call us to book your appointment today!